Gypsy Tango Pasión is a unique and explosive new fusion, inspired by music from the back streets and bordellos of Argentina and the gypsy encampments of Eastern Europe. Combining the hot-blooded sensuality of Tango and the passion and fire of gypsy fiddling, Gypsy Tango Pasión creates a virtuosic, colourful and awesomely powerful musical experience.Conceived by the group's cellist, Chris Grist and created by the group's violinist, Adam Summerhayes (above), and pianist, David Gordon, Gypsy Tango Pasión explores the inherent similarities of these traditions that sprang from closely related roots and have continued to grow along parallel paths since the late 19th century before going on to be embraced by the concert halls of the West.

This stunningly vibrant and virtuosic show will make two appearances in London to finish their UK tour - firstly, Vivaldi moves aside for them in St. Martin-in-the-Fields on Tuesday 27 November and they finish up at the South Bank's Purcell Room on Sunday December 16.

Violin: Adam Summerhayes              Cello: Chris Grist 
Bass: Jonny Gee    Piano: Dave Gordon Accordion: Eddie Hession

Tuesday 27 November, 7.30pm St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London Tickets £7, £10, £12
Box Office: 020 7839 8362 On-line:

Sunday 16 December, 7.30pm Purcell Room, London Tickets £10
Box Office:  020 7960 4201 On-line:


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