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Aspen, CO-Aspen Music Festival and School has announced its audition schedule for 2002. Auditions are for positions in the Aspen Opera Theater Center, the Center for Advanced Quartet Studies, the Collaborative Artists Program, the Vocal Performance Studies program, and for Orchestral String Fellowships. Auditions begin in early December and end in mid-February. All students wishing to take an audition must have submitted an application and the application fee two weeks prior to their audition. To schedule an audition, call (970) 925-7354 after November 1, 2001.

Students interested in applying to the Aspen Opera Theater Center must participate in a live audition in addition to submitting an audiotape. Auditions for the AOTC will take place beginning in Boston (Dec.1) and New York (Dec.9), concluding in New York (Jan.27 and 28). Auditions will also be held in Ann Arbor (Jan.26), Chicago (Jan.25), Cincinnati (Jan.24), Houston (Jan.17), Los Angeles (Jan.18), New Orleans (Jan.16), Rochester (Dec.2), San Francisco (Jan.20), and Seattle (Jan.19).

There are three auditions scheduled for the Center for Advanced Quartet Studies in New York (Jan.16), Chicago (Jan.18), and San Francisco (Jan.21). Auditions are for pre-existing quartets who wish to continue their training at a professional level. All ensembles must submit a résumé by January 1, 2002.

Students wishing to audition for the Collaborative Artists Program must submit two
application forms in advance of auditions. The cities chosen for these auditions are:
Chicago (Jan.21), Cincinnati (Jan.22), Los Angeles (Jan.15), New York (Feb.4), and Washington, D.C. (Feb.3). Fellowships are available in the areas of Orchestral Piano, Vocal Performance Studies, and Chamber Music Teaching.

Students interested in auditioning for the Vocal Performance Studies Program will have six audition locations from which to choose: Cincinnati (Jan.15), Chicago (Jan.17), Los Angeles (Jan.24), Toronto (Jan.30), New York (Feb.3), and Houston (Feb.11).

Orchestral string fellowship auditions will be held in the following 16 cities: Cincinnati (Jan.14), Bloomington (Jan.16), Chicago (Jan.17), Ann Arbor (Jan.18), Cleveland (Jan.19), Los Angeles (Jan.24), San Francisco (Jan.25), Toronto (Jan.30), Rochester (Jan.31), Boston (Feb.1), New York (Feb.4 & 5), Philadelphia (Feb.6), Baltimore (Feb.7), Miami (Feb.8), Houston (Feb.11), and Denver (Feb.12).
 For detailed information about the 2002 Aspen Music Festival and School, interested students can call (970) 925-3254, send an email to, or visit the Web at, where they can download the 2002 Student Catalog and application form.
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