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Barbara Marcinkowska - biographie

Born into a family of musicians, Barbara Marcinkowska began her musical studies at the age of five as a student of piano. Later changing her instrument to cello and studying with Arnold Rezler, she obtained her diploma in 1970 at Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Academy.

In 1968, Barbara Marcinkowska was named principal cellist of the Polish Radio/Television Orchestra and began an international career with the Warsaw Trio (a winer of the distinguished belgrade competition). Since then she has performed as soloist in Europe, notably with the Warsow National Philarmonic Chamber Orchestra, as well as in the United States, South America, Australia and Japan.

Her meeting with cellist André Navarra in 1977 was a turning point in her artistic development. She worked with him for several years devoting herself to a search for depth and perfection in her art. This period culminated with her art. This period culminated with her 1986 doctoral thesis for the Sorbonne : "Esthetics of the Plastic and Musical Arts"; focusing on André Navarra, outstanding interpreter and pedagogue.

Barbara Marcinkowska pursues her international career as soloist, participates in various festivals and makes numerous recording for radio (France, Switzerland, Poland, Israël, ..) and is currently professor. She is invited to give master classes along side the Master violonist Ivry Gitly at Pont Saint Esprit, in Poland at the Lancut "International Class of Music" and in Taïwan.

While in Paris and continuing her work in the classical repertoire, she discovered new possibilities of expression in contemponary music, especially in the repertoire for unaccompanied cello. Not only is she often sought out to perform to write for her. Among those composers whose music she plays and with whom friendships have developed we can mention : Tansman, Penderecki, Lutoslawski, Dutilleux, Taïra, Szalonek, Moss, Tisné, Du Closel, Piechowska, Bernstein.